Machining Services

The machining capabilities found at FPI Industries are numerous and diverse.

Exactly how each order is to be routed through the facility is entirely dependant on the customer's needs.

FPI Industries, Inc. offers the following CNC Machining Custom & Conventional Services:

> CNC Cutting
> CNC Milling
> CNC Turning
> CNC Routing
> Shearing
> Screw Machining

About Precision Machining

Traditionally, conventional machining tactics are employed to produce either low quantity or prototype products at the most competitive prices. When production quantities are high or tolerance requirements are extremely tight, state-of-the-art CNC machining methods are used.

The industry's leading technology is not enough for success in the market. Time is the critical factor in the plant, and exact planning of its use is the fundamental instrument for ensuring the maximum efficiency of each and every project.

The machining group at FPI is comprised of technically proficient individuals and conscientious machinists. Each of these individuals understands that accurate coordination, comprehension, and communication of order data and shop floor conditions are crucial in achieving superior quality and production times.

Custom CNC Machining Services

CNC Cutting

The heart of any fabrication facility is the saw room. Providing capabilities unmatched in the industry, modern technology and equipment define FPI's cutting machinery. Often it is our vendors, lacking the means, who utilize the state-ot-the-art saw resources of FPI to trim oversized sheets or oversized thickness.

CNC Milling

Unique challenges are faced with the milling of both Thermoset and Thermoplastic materials. Although Thermosets are dimensionally stable, they are extremely abrasive toward standard tooling and create dust situations.

Thermoplastics, on the other hand, may develop machined-in stress which could lead to premature part failure. In some cases, Thermoplastic parts may require annealing after machining.

CNC Turning

Special consideration is required for the turning of plastic materials. Aside from the run characteristics of these materials, additional problems concerning tolerances, coolants, and chip removal must be addressed. Over the years, FPI Industries has worked with industry engineers and tooling specialists to solve these problems.

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